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postheadericon Why do you need a TAM card?

Do you know that alcohol awareness course is a must to obtain an alcohol awareness card or TAM card in Nevada? If you have a plan to join hospitality industry then you must sign up for the awareness course. Thankfully, you are free to do it online or you can choose regular and conventional classroom class.

Who needs the TAM Card?

Here is a list of individuals who need to have alcohol awareness training in Nevada

  1.    Employees in an established restaurant or venue as hospitality professional, server, security guard, or seller of alcoholic beverages to the public.
  2.    Retail store employees that sell alcohol.
  3.    Employees who run a shop that only deals with alcoholic beverages.

Age requirement to obtain the card

You have to be at least 16 years old to obtain the TAM card which is essential to be a part of the above-mentioned professions. Anyone who has crossed the barrier of 16 years is allowed to handle the sealed alcohol while working in a retail shop or grocery store. He/she will be under a supervision of any senior people.

Can TAM be obtained by any online course?

Under Nevada law, you are free to sign up for an online alcohol awareness course provided it is approved by the Nevada Commission on Postsecondary Education. So you have to pass the test to acquire the card for business compliance.

Why people prefer eLearning alcohol awareness course over classroom method?

At the age of 16, you have other things to do in life like further education, social engagement, physical training, and more. Evidently, you can’t focus on everything all together and when you are already involved in a full-time course, it will be impossible for you to join another classroom. The online course is flexible and it allows you complete the course from anywhere at any time. This is probably the biggest advantage for the maximum students who are willing to take up a temporary job in the hospitality industry. Moreover, you can adjust your timing, shift, and routine as per your other commitments. You can choose weekend classes or night shift to learning your requirements. Online learning is always interactive, fun, and exciting. Students can learn their lessons comfortably sitting at their homes. On the other hand, if you choose classroom session then you have to travel from your place and there may not be any special shift to accommodate you as per your requirements.

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